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Function available in CINEMA 4D Visualize, Studio

General Okino Import Options

You can find the Okino PolyTrans’ Cinema 4D settings in the Preferences menu under Import/Export / Okino Import.

Delete CD-ROM Temporary Files Upon Closing Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D uses the LightWave 3D format as an intermediate format when importing foreign file formats using PolyTrans. Cinema 4D creates temporary files in this format, usually in the same location as the original file. In the event you should import files that are write-protected, a directory named _temp_ will automatically be created in your Cinema 4D installation directory to which these temporary files will be saved.

Activate this option to delete these temporary files.

Okino PolyTrans and Memory

If the PolyTrans option is active it will continue to run in the background, thus occupying a corresponding portion of your computer‘s memory capacity as long as Cinema 4D is running. This offers both advantages and disadvantages.



Show Import Options Window

This option determines whether or not the PolyTrans import option window will be opened when importing foreign files. If this option is not active, the previous PolyTrans settings will be used (those which were used the last time this format was converted, for example).

Select Okino Importers

After clicking this button the following window will open:

Here you will find a list of all import file formats supported by PolyTrans. This is where you determine which options the PolyTrans importer should include or exclude when a file is opened.

Since more than one import option can be applied to several formats, the following rule of thumb applies in order to avoid conflicts between options:

If Okino PolyTrans offers more than one importer for a particular format (e.g., IGES) and all corresponding importers in the list above are active, the importer located first will be used.

If you want to make sure that only a specific importer is used, deactivate all other importers on the list that could come in question for that format.

Select Temporary File Option for Import

As was already explained earlier, Cinema 4D uses the LightWave 3D format as an intermediate format when importing foreign file formats using PolyTrans. How to export a LightWave 3D scene to Cinema 4D is defined here.

Show Export Options

Once PolyTrans has exported the scene to the desired format filter settings specific to each format are then made available for editing. Activate this option if this filter dialog window is displayed during export. If deactivated the default or previous settings will be used.

Intermediate File Options for Export

A scene is exported using the FBX format. PolyTrans imports the FBX file using this filter, which can be called up by clicking on this button. Please refer to your PolyTrans documentation regarding these settings.