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Function available in CINEMA 4D Visualize, Studio
RIB Export

RIB Export

Export As

The following export functions are available in the Export As pull-down menu: Full Scene; Archive (Geometry & Lights); Archive (Geometry Only); Archive (Lights Only).

This can be helpful if, for example, you want to export a lighting setup but can wreak havoc if you don’t pay attention to the location to which the archive was saved. RenderMan® renderer also considers Global Illumination a light source. Hence it will be exported if GI is enabled in the RenderMan® renderer Video Post settings. Also, if no light source is present and the Auto Light option is enabled in the Render Settings a light source will be written to the file.

RIB Style

The RIB style can be set to one of the following:

Display Preset
Display Driver

The location to which your image data is written depends on the driver you select. RenderMan® renderer offers two standard display drivers: File and Framebuffer. Your particular renderer might offer additional drivers.

Export Main RIB
Export Archives
Export Shaders
Compile Shaders
Export Textures
Make Textures

These options override the settings of the same name in the CineMan render settings.