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Function available in CINEMA 4D Visualize, Broadcast, Studio
Shader Field

Basic Coord. Field Remapping Color Remap Direction



The Field type can be changed here. The settings will change accordingly in the Field menu. Any layer settings that were defined in the Field list, such as Remapping or color settings, will be maintained.

These settings should be familiar to you from the Shader Effector or Displace object.


There are basically two methods of projecting a texture onto an element (using the Shader Field:

Select a material channel. An additional Texture tag field will be displayed. Drag any texture into this field from the Object Manager. The texture will now be applied by the corresponding material’s selected Material Channel.


Clicking on this button will make the settings of the corresponding shader available in the Attributes Manager.

Texture Tag

If a material channel is selected, this field will be made available, into which you can place a Texture tag.


If you select Custom as your shader mode a texture selection menu will be made available. Select a bitmap or Shader for the Field to use. Using the Texture tag method is recommended because it offers better results and can be used in conjunction with the texture tools (see also Texture) to adjust the texture coordinates interactively.


OffsetU [-∞..+∞]
OffsetV [-∞..+∞]
LengthU [-∞..+∞%]
LengthV [-∞..+∞%]

If Custom is selected as the shader type, several parameters will be made available that can be used to move (Offset) or scale (Length) the texture within the UV coordinates. For Noise Shaders UV (2D) should be selected in the Space setting.


Use this setting to define whether or not the texture should be tiled.



Use these settings to define how any colors defined in the Color Mapping tab should be offset with those of the Field colors.

The alpha mode does not work in conjunction with the Layer Shader.


Inverts the Use effect.

Animation Frame Dependent

Sometimes a shader animated without keyframes will not be updated. This can happen if, for example, a Noise shader is animated using the Animation Speed setting and values greater than 0 or if a sequence of images should be used. Enable this option if problems with updating occur, e.g., the animation does not play. This option is not enabled by default because it produces longer render times.