Cinema 4D Prime Configuration Preferences Import/Export SketchUp Importer
Function available in CINEMA 4D Visualize, Studio

SketchUp Importer Settings

Daylight System / Physical Sky

Enable this option if you want to create a Physical Sky in Cinema 4D when importing a SketchUp scene. The geographic position from the SketchUp file will be used and the current time of day applied when the scene is loaded. Since it’s theoretically possible that it is dark during that time of day, set the time of day for the Physical Sky to 12 noon, for example.


Enable this option if you want to import the active camera/view in SketchUp as a camera into Cinema 4D. All you have to do then is activate the imported camera.

Skip Hidden Objects

Objects can be hidden per level in SketchUp. If you don’t want import these hidden objects into Cinema 4D, enable this option to skip these objects.

Split Objects by Layer

As in Cinema 4D, elements can also be placed on layers in SketchUp. If you want to assume these layers, including their layer assignments, in Cinema 4D, this option should be enabled.

Note: In SketchUp it is possible to assign individual polygons (or even edges) to layer, i.e., a single object can be assigned to multiple layers. This is not possible in Cinema 4D. Hence, such a SketchUp object will be disassembled and imported as separate objects (that lie on different layers).

Show Statistics in Console

Enable this option if you want to display details about the imported SketchUp file such as the version number and model statistics in the Console upon import. Don’t be confused by the fact that the number of surfaces deviate from the number of polygons displayed by Cinema 4D. N-gons (each 1 surface in SketchUp) are broken down into triangles upon import.