Cinema 4D Prime Configuration Preferences Import/Export Volume Export
Function available in CINEMA 4D Visualize, Broadcast, Studio
Volume Export Settings

Volume Export Settings


This factor can be found at numerous locations throughout Cinema 4D when importing or exporting foreign formats. Therefore, don’t be surprised if the term ,export’ is used if this factor is seen in an import function (this factor is explained as a whole here).

This factor lets you scale files upon import/export, i.e., practically all relevant numerical values saved in the file or those to be saved will be multiplied by this factor and then saved - or interpreted when loaded.

The unit at the right in turn defines how upon

More information about units and scaling can be found in the Project Scale section.

From [0..2147483647]
To [0..2147483647]

If the Animation option is enabled, the From and To values can be used to define the range of frames to be exported. A *.vdb file will be created for each frame (the name will be supplemented by a corresponding frame number).

If this option is disabled, the current state of the Volumes will be exported in a single file.


Here you can select from a series of naming conventions. The file name will be used as the Name and 000 or 0000 will be used for the frame number.

Selected Only

If enabled, only OpenVDB objects selected in the Object Manager will be exported.