Reference Cinema 4D Additional Functions Advanced Render Glow
Function available in CINEMA 4D Visualize, Studio

Glow Color Distance Surface Noise

Nonclamped Color Attenuation


Using the parameters on this page, you can restrict the glow to rendered pixels that are within a defined brightness range. Set this range by entering values into the boxes for Min Intensity and Max Intensity, where 100% represents bright white (RGB 255/255/255). Enter values above 100% if you want restrict the glow to non-clamped colors (i.e. colors above RGB 255/255/255). Even though non-clamped colors are no brighter on screen than pure white, this helps you to create a sense of intense light in these special picture areas.

Min. Intensity [0..+∞%]
Max. Intensity [0..+∞%]

These values define a brightness range. Each rendered pixel that falls within this range will generate glow. You can restrict the glow to non-clamped colors (see paragraph above) by setting Min Intensity and Max Intensity to values greater than 100%.

Use Key Color  Key Color
Color Variation [0..100%]

Glow restricted to a key color.

You can restrict the glow to a particular color. Use the color box to choose this key color. Since most rendered surfaces are gradations of color rather than a single tone, you can also specify a tolerance value for the key color, which you enter into the Color Variation box. If you set Color Variation to a value that is too low, such as 0%, you may find that only a few pixels will glow.

Use  Size
Use  Density
Use  Luminosity
Use  Color

You can use gradients to refine the following properties from the Glow page: Size, Density, Luminosity and Color (see Glow entry).

Think of these gradients as running from the Min value to the Max value (or within the color variation). In the gradient, black represents a value of 0, white represents the value defined on the Glow page.