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Function available in CINEMA 4D Visualize, Studio


Glow Color Distance Surface Noise


Advanced Render gives you a powerful filter for creating glow effects. With it you can simulate the glow of incandescent lights, lightning bolts, LEDs, neon lights, monitor screens, the reflection of the sun by high-gloss car paint and much more. The Glow filter also enables you to:

Fractal noise.

The Glow Filter is a post effect that you select in the render settings on the Effects page. For general details on using the Effects page, please refer to your Cinema 4D help.

Once you have selected Glow on the Effects page, five tabs of settings will appear: Glow, Color, Distance, Surface and Noise. These settings are described in these pages.

Note that Glow can only be calculated to a maximum pixel width or height of 4096.

Do not confuse the Glow filter with the Glow channel for materials. Glowing materials always create glow, whereas the Glow filter adds glow according to the brightness of rendered pixels. Suppose you have a scene with no lighting— a glowing material would still generate glow, the Glow filter would not.