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Function available in CINEMA 4D Studio
Dynamics Collision

Basic Node Parameter


Collision Index [0..2147483647]

Internally, every individual collision will be numbered per frame. Depending on the complexity of the scene, hundreds of collisions can take place simultaneously. This value represents the collision number.

Object A
Object B

If each field contains an object the Node will supply collision information for these two objects only. If only one of the fields contains an object, only collisions with this object will be registered. If neither of these fields contains an object ALL collisions will be registered and evaluated.

Object Index A [0..2147483647]
Object Index B [0..2147483647]

When using Cloner objects (should be defined as either Object A or Object B) or other constellations with which a Dynamics tag generates multiple dynamic objects, a specific object can be selected based on this index number. All such clones are numbered internally beginning with 0.

Object A
Object B
Tag A
Tag B

Outputs both objects involved in each collision. If the A/B Output ports are wired the respective tags will be included.

Object Index A [-2147483648..2147483647]
Object Index B [-2147483648..2147483647]

When using Cloner objects the Object Index represents the number of the individual clone (clones are numbered internally). The Object Index of colliding clones can be retrieved here.

Count [-2147483648..2147483647]

Displays the number of collisions currently taking place. This is also dependent on the status of the One Collision Per Pair option.


A boolean value that displays whether or not a collision has taken place with a given object for which Dynamic is set to Ghost.

Point A [XYZ ]
Point B [XYZ ]
Local Point A [XYZ ]
Local Point B [XYZ ]

These Nodes output the collision points in global coordinates (Point A/B) an local coordinates (Local Point A/B).


This is the collision Normal at the collision point (pointing outwardly from Object A). The forces applied will exert their affect in this direction upon collision.

Speed [-∞..+∞]

The relative speed (velocity) of the collision objects in the instant prior to impact (positive speed: the objects are approaching each other; negative speed: the objects are distancing themselves from each other). This value is NOT a vector but a real number. The speed’s direction is output as a vector by the Normal output port.

Distance [-∞..+∞]

The distance between colliding points in the direction of the Normals (positive values: the objects are still separated; negative values: the objects have already intersected).

Force [-∞..+∞]

The force exerted at the moment of impact (in the direction of the Normals) per collision (most often multiple collision points exist simultaneously). This force is exerted on both objects simultaneously but in opposing directions.

Force for Pair [XYZ ]

Same as Force above with the exception that the entire force per collision can be referenced.

This parameter is suited for creating effects based on the force of a collision, e.g., the larger the collision force, the greater the number of particles, etc. that will be generated.