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Function available in CINEMA 4D Studio
Dynamics Connector State

Basic Node Parameter


Input Ports


Turns the Node’s effect on or off.


Add Connectors or Springs here.

Object Index [0..2147483647]

Internally, all Connectors/Spring in the Project are numbered. Use this input setting to access individual Connectors/Springs.


This option can be used to ,break’ Connectors, i.e., they will no longer work. This can be ,repaired’ by again selecting the option and the Connector’s effect will be reset to its original state.

Output Ports

Object A
Object B
Object Index A [-2147483648..2147483647]
Object Index B [-2147483648..2147483647]

This is where the selected object as well as both objects or object indices (for cloned Springs) linked to the Connector/Spring will be attached.

Count [-2147483648..2147483647]

If the Object field is empty and receives no data via the Input port, the total number of Connectors/Springs in the project will be displayed here.

Tag A
Tag B

The Dynamics Body Tags of the objects linked to the Connector are be attached to these Output ports.


This boole value is 0 when the Connector is operational and 1 when it is broken.