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Function available in CINEMA 4D Broadcast, Studio

Sample Effector

Basic Parameter

Sample Effector

This Node lets you ascertain all output values of a given Effector. Normally you would feed clones’ properties (those that can be read out using the Data Node) into the input ports and grab the values that have been modified by the Effector at the output port. Naturally any object can be affected, whereby the Global Matrix, Weight and Strength output ports are the most important.

The output values of Special Effectors such as the Delay Effector and the Inheritance Effector do have limitations. Weight cannot be read out since this setting cannot be affected by the Effector itself. Only those values can be read out that are also present in the respective Effector’s Attribute Manager settings.

Several properties of clone #2 (Index ports) are read out, both before and after the Effector’s effect. In both cases the color remains the same because the Random Effector’s Color mode (Parameter tab) is set to Off, thus resulting in no change in color.