Cinema 4D Prime XPresso XPresso Nodes General Spline Operator
Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D
Spline Operator

Basic Node Parameter



All spline objects can be connected to this input port.

Offset [0..100%]

Use the offset value to define the desired location on a given spline. The first spline point reflects an offset value of 0%, the end of the spline an offset value of 100%. The value at the position output port is contingent upon the points that control the shape of the spline.

Segment [0..2147483647]

Since splines can contain numerous segments (e.g., a text spline that consists of several letters), the number of desired segments can be defined using the segment input port. The segment count will begin at 0, i.e., the first segment will have the number 0, the second 1 and so on.

Position [XYZ ]

Outputs the coordinates of a position along the spline (as defined by the Offset value and the Matrix Mode setting).

Tangent [XYZ ]

Tangents define the run of the curve before and after the position along the curve. This port outputs the tangent for the chosen position along the spline as a vector.

Length [-∞..+∞]

Outputs the length of the chosen spline segment, as a Real number.


Outputs a Boole value of 0 if the spline in open or 1 if the spline is closed (splines can be closed by enabling the Close Spline option in the Attribute Manager).

Segments [-2147483648..2147483647]

Outputs the total number of spline segments. When passing the number of a segment to the Segment input port, keep in mind that the number of the first segment is 0.