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Function available in CINEMA 4D Studio
PVelocity Convert

Basic Parameter


You can optionally enter the speed that should be converted to a velocity.

Speed [-∞..+∞]

This value is the speed measured in units per second.


This normal sets the direction of the velocity. For example, a value of (0;0;1) will cause the particles to move in the direction of their Zaxes. However, since this node is not directly connected to a particle stream, you can use it to calculate velocity for any purpose, not just to set the velocity of the particles.

This example shows two ways to convert a vector and a scalar to another vector of the same direction as the first vector but with the scalar’s length; this can be useful when you want to construct a velocity vector with a known speed. The lower nodes show how you would do it without PVelocityConvert (first normalize the vector to a length of 1 and then multiply it with the scalar). The top example shows how to do the same thing in fewer steps using PVelocityConvert.

Velocity [XYZ ]

Outputs the velocity, as a vector, computed from the Speed and Axis values. If you want this value to control the velocity of particles, connect the port to the Velocity input port of a PSetData node.