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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D

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In this menu you will mainly find settings for scaling, rotating and repeating the selected pattern.


This Noise pattern can be generated two- or three-dimensionally. The settings made available will then orient themselves accordingly. If Projection is set to UV, a two-dimensional Noise structure will be used, if set to 3D, the W component will also be generated for the pattern.

Offset [%]

When in UV mode, the generated pattern can be offset in U and V directions.

Length [XYZ ]

The default length of the generated structure is one unit in each direction. Smaller values will compress the structure and larger values will extend the structure in the respective direction. The Pivot setting, whose position is output as a percentage of the bottom left corner of the Noise tile, defines the origin within the texture tile.

Rotation [-5729577951308232523776..5729577951308232523776°]

This setting can be used to rotate the structure around the defined Pivot point within the Noise tile. Positive values will rotate it counterclockwise.

Pivot [%]

This is the position of the reference point for the scaling and rotation of the tile. The position 0%, 0% lies at the bottom left corner of the Noise tile.

Repetitions [XYZ ]

The Noise tile’s default size is one unit in the U and one unit in the V direction. An increase of the Repetitions value will lead to a corresponding extending of the structure in the respective direction. In conjunction with the Mode U and Mode V settings, increasing the number of repetitions may lead to a repetition of the Noise structure within the texture tile. The effect then reflects a reduction of the respective Length components.

Decal U
Decal V

These settings can be used to define if regions outside of the moved, scaled or rotated texture tile can be filled with additional repetitions or not. If enabled, repetitions in the U or V directions will be excluded. If disabled, the Mode U and Mode V settings can be used to define the type of repetition.

Mode U
Mode V

If the Noise pattern was scaled down, moved or rotated and therefore no longer fills out the entire texture tile, these settings can be used to define the repetitious behavior of the pattern. To do so, the Decal U and Decal V options must be disabled for the respective direction(s).

Reference Size [-∞..+∞m]

This setting is only active if Projection is set to 3D. It defines the Noise structure’s three-dimensional edge length in real-world units.

Position [XYZ m]

This setting can be used to move the position of the Projection relative to the selected axis system.

Scale [XYZ ]

Values less than 1 will shorten the Noise pattern in the direction of the selected axis system and values in excess of 1 will extend the pattern.

Rotation [HPB °]

This setting rotates the projection of the three-dimensional Noise pattern around the axis of the selected axis system.

Rotation Order

In this menu you will find the various combination possibilities for applying the Rotation angle in any order. In addition, separate modes for the use of world coordinates or the local object axis system are also available.