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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D
Metal Finish Surface

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In this menu you can define basic settings for the quality and embossing of the surface. The following options are available:

Base Color

Here you can define the primary color of the metal. This color can also be modified using the Anodized setting and is affected by the changes in brightness that occur depending on the type of Surface, Scratches and Dirt settings used.

Scratches [0..100%]

This setting can be used to add a layer of scratches.

Dirt [0..100%]

This will activate the Ambient Occlusion effect, which will darken corners and edges.

Dirt Radius [0..100000m]

This setting defines the maximum ray length for Ambient Occlusion. The larger the radius, the more that surfaces located farther away from the corner will effect the result and the softer the Dirt will abate.

Anodizing [0..100%]

The higher the value the more a colored Fresnel effect will appear on the surface that will also increasingly replace the original base color. Surfaces viewed perpendicularly will appear reddish; if viewed from an angle, they will appear turquoise.

Contrast [0..100%]

This setting can be used to adjust the contrast of the output brightness.