Reference Cinema 4D Advanced Features Advanced Render Vector Motion Blur
Function available in CINEMA 4D Visualize, Studio
Vector Motion Blur

Vector Motion Blur

Phase [-100..100%]

From left to right: Phase values of 100%, 0% and -100%.

The Phase value defines the position of the blur. The following Phase values should serve as a reference:

Density [0..10000%]

Density set to a low value (left) and high value (right).

The Density value defines the coverage of the blur in the image.

Samples [2..1000]

Samples set to a low value (left) and high value (right).

Samples allow you to set the resolution or smoothness of the blur. Low values result in a grainy look, while more samples increase both the quality and the render time.

Sample Radius [0..10]

Sample Radius set to a low value (left) and high value (right).

The higher the Sample Radius, the less crisp the blur will look.

Weighted Trails

Weighted Trails disabled (top) and enabled (bottom).

The Weighted Trails option uses a different algorithm that allows the trails to fade out towards the end, resulting in a realistic trail.

Geometry Deformation

Enable this option to also blur deformer objects such as FFDs.

You can achieve very good motion blur results if you combine VMB and Sub-Frame Motion Blur (SFMB). Select small factors for SFMB (5 Times) and set the Shutter Angle to 360° or more. VMB will always affect the SFMB.