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Sketch Mat

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Imagine you are looking over an artist’s shoulder while he or she sketches. Soon the sketch starts to take shape. This is the type of pleasing effect you can create using the parameters on the Animate tab.

In general, use these settings with static scenes only — neither the camera nor the objects in the scene should move during the animation. If they do move, there’s no telling what might happen. Suppose someone were to wobble your sketch pad while you were drawing …


Enable the Draw option to activate the Animate settings.


The Mode setting controls how Sketch and Toon animates the lines. The following examples show, from left to right, the animation one third the way through, two thirds the way through, and all the way through.


The Draw mode draws each line gradually.


This is the same as Draw mode except parameters such as thickness and color grow with the line.


The Opacity mode fades in the lines gradually.


The lines start off thin and thicken out over time to reach their full thickness.


Unlike Opacity mode, which fades in lines gradually, Build mode makes the lines appear suddenly. One frame the line is not there, the next it’s completely drawn.

Stroke Order

If Single Stroke is selected the Stroke Order setting will define the order in which the strokes are drawn, either left to right or short to long.


See Stroke Order.

Draw Speed

The Draw Speed controls how quickly Sketch and Toon draws the lines.


This mode lets you set the drawing speed in pixels per second (Speed) and when Sketch and Toon should start to draw (Start).

Stroke Time

Tells Sketch and Toon when to start drawing (Start) and how long to take to draw each stroke (Time).


Unlike the other modes, the Complete mode requires you to record keys. The Complete value defines how complete the drawing is. For example, to record a simple animation from frames 0 to 90, record a key at frame 0 with Complete set to 0%, and record another key at frame 90 with Complete set to 100%.

Total Time

In this mode, you can specify when the drawing should start (Start) and how long it should take to complete (Time).

End Frame

The End Frame mode is the simplest mode of all. It tells Sketch and Toon when to start drawing (Start) and when to be finished by (End).

Animation End

Sketch and Toon will complete the drawing by the end of the animation. The Start value defines when the drawing should start.


See Draw Speed.

Speed [-∞..+∞]

See Draw Speed.


See Draw Speed.

Complete [0..100%]

See Draw Speed.