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Sketch Mat

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Sketch Mat

Sketch and Toon’s lines may each have their own material, the Sketch material. As with standard Cinema 4D materials, the Sketch material has dozens of properties you can set on various tabs in the Material Editor or Attribute Manager. By combining these properties, you can create almost any look for the lines, from gritty chalk to a thick marker to advanced brush effects.

To create a Sketch material:

Sketch and Toon also has a number of automatic setup options to help you work faster. You will find these settings in the Sketch and Toon main preferences, in the Sketch and Toon section of the Cinema 4D preferences.

To add the Sketch material using the automatic setup:

Do one of the following:

To assign the Sketch material globally to objects:

To assign the Sketch material to a specific object:

Do one of the following:

Changing the preview

The Sketch material uses all the standard preview options from Cinema 4D, plus some new ones for Sketch and Toon itself. To access these settings, right-click (Windows) or Command-click (Mac OS) the preview. The Shaded Background and Shaded Object settings use the post effect shading for the background or object.