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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D

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Port for linking color values.

Bias [0..1]

This function will lead to a reduction of the color portions that have a mid-range brightness, especially if set to values of less than 0.5. Bias values greater than 0.5 will brighten the color portions with mid-range intensity correspondingly. Color portions that are already very dark or bright will be less affected. A Bias value of 0.5 will result in no changes to the colors that are input.

Gain [0..1]

Similar to Bias, the Gain function will also brighten the three color portions and re-calculate according to the brightness that was ascertained. However, here the color portions with a mid-range brightness will be less affected.

Gain value of less than 0.5 amplify the brightness of color portions that are already in excess of 50% brightness. Color portions with a brightness of less than 50% will be darkened synchronous to this.

Gain values in excess of 0.5 will produce a different result. You can offset the brightness of all color portions near the mid-range brightness of 50%. With a Gain value of 1.0 you will in most cases generate a neutral gray tone.