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Fresnel Conductor

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Fresnel Conductor

Each metallic material can be defined via its refraction index and its absorption. This is why this Node contains a corresponding list of the most important elements for metallic materials. The vector for the Refraction Index defines the material’s light refracting properties individually for red, green and blue portions of the incoming light. This also affects the reflective properties since these are calculated with different strengths depending on the angle from which the surface is viewed. Generally speaking, higher Refraction Index values produce correspondingly stronger reflections, including in the regions viewed perpendicularly.

The Absorption method woks even more precisely on reflections, which can also be controlled separately for red, green and blue light portions. Larger Absorption values lead to correspondingly stronger reflections in the respective color portions.

This Node does not in fact calculate real reflections but only colors. The intensity of the colors will therefore only be subdued in the regions in which the reflection’s intensity would normally increase.