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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D
Transform 2D

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Point [XYZ ]

This is the two-dimensional position, for example, of a pixel in a texture or of UV coordinates. Using the following input values, the position can be moved, rotated around a pivot point or scaled starting from a pivot point.

Translate [XYZ ]

Here you can define how far the position should be moved in the X or Y direction.

Rotate [-5729577951308232523776..5729577951308232523776°]

Here you can enter a rotation angle. The rotation will always take place around the vertical. i.e. XY axis. Positive values will rotate counterclockwise, negative values clockwise.

The center point of the rotation is defined using the Pivot setting.

Scale [XYZ ]

This setting can be used to scale the position of the point starting from the Pivot position defined. The Scale values will be used as multiplications of the original distance between the Pivot and the Point. With Scale set to 1, 1 the original Point position will remain unchanged, independent of the position of the Pivot.

Pivot [XYZ ]

A rotational point or starting point is required for the Rotate and Scale functions. This is what the Pivot setting defines.