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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D

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Here you can input the color structure that you want to blur into the nodd. These can, for example, be simple images or nodes that don’t require 3D sampling such as pattern generators.

Radius [0..1]

This setting defines the intensity of the blurring effect. When in Kernel or Stochastic mode, the Radius can be defined per sample, e.g., via grayscales. When in Badked mode the Radius can only be used statically for the entire color structure.

If you link a noise here, extremely long render times can result (you should then reduce the bright noise components).


Three blur modes are available:


This setting is made available when Mode is set to Baked. It is used to define the color calculation for the saved color structure. A description of how this woks can be found in the Cache Node.

Resolution [1..8192]

Here you can define the resolution for the saved Color structure for the modes Baked or Kernel.The higher the resolution, the longer the calculation will take and the more details that will be included.

Samples [1..99999999]

This setting is made available if Mode is set to Stocastic. It defines the numbe rof UV variations that should be used for the calculation of the blur per sample. The more Samples that are used, the more the noise will be reduced in the final result and the longer the calculation will take.

Seed [-2147483648..2147483647]

The Stocastic mode uses randomly varied UV coordinates for sampling. This random distribution is based on this Seed value. A modified Seed value will therefore produce a different noise pattern.

Static Noise

Normally, the random distribution for the UV sampling in Stocastic mode is calculated new per animation frame. Stocastic Noise will keep the random order unchanged and the noise will remain static as a result.