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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D
Get Context

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Position [XYZ ]

This is the position of the currently rendered position on the surface in the global coordinates.

Ray Direction [XYZ ]

This is the normalized direction from which the. incoming ray originated.

Ray Origin [XYZ ]

This is the global start position of the render sample currently being calculated. This is, as a rule, identical to the position of the active render camera.

Original Normal [XYZ ]

This is the Normal direction prior to applying Bump or Normal mapping.

Phong Normal [XYZ ]

This is the final Normal direction at the point currently being rendered as is defined after the Bump and/or Normal Map, Phong tag or Normal tag has been evaluated.

Geometry Normal [XYZ ]

Here you will find the original Normal direction as is defined by the polygon’s position.

Tangent [XYZ ]

The calculation of the surface Normals is based on the point of intersection between two edge directions of a polygon. This calculation is, however, not enough to get a smoothed Normal because the surrounding polygons must be included in the calculation. For this purpose, curves will be generated that run in the U and V directions. Tangents can be generated along these curves that will produce smoothed Normals at every location on the surface. The Tangent output displays the tangent in the U direction.

Bitangent [XYZ ]

This tangent represents the tangent in the V direction.

Original UVW [XYZ ]

These are the unmodified UVW coordinates of the surface at the point currently being rendered.


These are the UVW coordinates – possibly modified via the Context input – at the point currently being rendered.

Barycentric [XYZ ]

Barycentric Coordinates in geometry serve to define the position of points in relation to a given triangle. The point will be displayed via a linear combination of points for which the sum of the coefficients is 1.


Pixel [XYZ ]

Here the coordinates of the currently rendered pixel will be output. The values returned are in relation to the absolute rendering resolution and go beyond one.

Sub Pixel [XYZ ]

For sampling, multiple render rays have to be emitted to different locations within a pixel. Sub-Pixel defines the position of the sub-pixel currently being rendered.

Screen Position [XYZ ]

The position of each surface point can also be output relative to the image coordinates, via the surface position. This coordinate system has its origin at the top left corner of the image and is therefore independent of the position of the textured object.

These coordinates output the position of each surface point relative to the image coordinates. The image coordinate system has its origin at the top left corner.

Render Resolution [XYZ ]

Outputs the render resolution currently being used from the active Render Settings.