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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D
Normal Map

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Example images for Normal effects can be found in the Normal material channel.


Here you can link a Normal Map texture or another Node.

Strength [-∞00..+∞00%]

This setting can be used to define the intensity of the Normal Mapping effect. Negative values will lead to an inversion of the effect. Note that the Normal Mapping effect will not modify the object’s shape but only its surface shading. Very extreme modifications of the Normals can therefore end up looking unnatural.


Here you can select a preset for the processing of a Normal map. If the Normal Map is encoded in object space, select C4D Object Space. The options for Flip X, Flip Y and Flip Z will be adapted accordingly, as will the Space setting. The same applies for the Presets C4D Tangent Space and C4D World Space. If you want to define the Space setting and the evaluation of the RGB color channels yourself, select Custom in the Presets menu.

General instructions for use of the preset system can be found here

Flip X
Flip Y
Flip Z
Swap Y and Z

Since the generation of Normal textures is not standardized, many programs have their own way of doing things, e.g., sometimes the green color component defines the Y direction and sometimes the blue. In order to ensure maximum compatibility, you can swap each color component here.

For the most commonly used Space, Tangent, the following rule of thumb applies:


The direction of the Normals can be defined by different axis systems, which can be selected from this menu.