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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D
UV Transform

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Local Offset [%]

Moves the UV coordinates along the U and V directions relative to the texture tile.

Local Length [%]

This setting defines the percentage scaling of the UV coordinates within the texture tile.

Local Rotation [-5729577951308232523776..5729577951308232523776°]

This setting defines the rotation of the UV coordinates within the texture tile. For irregularly scaled UV coordinates, diamond-shaped distortions will occur.

Local Pivot [%]

Defines the position within the UV tile that is placed in the bottom left corner of the texture tile and is also used as a reference point for the change in length defined by the Local Length setting and the change in rotation defined by the Local Rotation settings.

Local Repetitions [XYZ ]

This setting defines the number of repetitions of the UV tile within a texture tile. The aspect ratio of the projection may also be affected. Local Repetitions set to 2, 1 will halve the width of the projection (U direction), for example, since two repetitions in the U direction must take place within the texture tile.

Local Decal U
Local Decal V

If enabled, the projection on the original tile will be restricted in the respective direction. All parts of the surface that lie outside of the texture tile will no longer be taken into consideration.

Local Mode U
Local Mode V

If the Local Decal options are enabled in the respective directions, these settings define how the repetitions of the texture files in the U and V directions should be calculated: