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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D

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This setting defines the direction of the shape from which the coordinates will be calculated. The system’s position and rotation will orient themselves according to the Coordinate System defined. The following Projection options are available:

Film Aspect [0.1..10]
Pixel Aspect [0.1..10]

Camera Mapping.

Coordinate System

Defines the origin and the orientation of the axis system with which the Context is projected. The following options are available:

Reference Size [-∞..+∞m]

This is the actual measure of the edge length of a cubic texture projection. This value is also the basis for the Additional Transform(s) such as Scale.

Additional Transform

If this option is enabled, the position, scale and rotation of the Projection can be further affected. This can be used to deviate from the defined Coordinate System and, for example, create irregularly scaled texture tiles. These settings can be modified directly at the Node or linked using existing inputs.

Position [XYZ m]

Offsets the projection along the axes of the defined Coordinate System.

Scale [XYZ ]

Scales the texture tile. The values are multipliers of the Reference Size value.

Rotation [HPB °]

Rotates the texture tile.

Rotation Order

Defines the axis system and the order for the rotation of the texture tile. The Local options refer to the axes of the defined Coordinate System. The Global options use the world coordinate system.

Local Offset [%]

Offsets the texture tile along the U and V directions relative to the projection origin. The percentage values refer to the Reference Size, which may have also been adjusted via the Scale values.

Local Length [%]

This setting defines the percentage scaling of the projection within the texture tile.

Local Rotation [-5729577951308232523776..5729577951308232523776°]

This is the projection’s rotation within the texture tile. For irregularly scaled texture tiles, this can lead to distortions of the projection.

Local Pivot [%]

Offsets the point of reference for the modifications in length via the Local Length values, and modifies the rotation via the Local Rotation setting. Has no relevance for the Local Offset setting.

Local Repetitions [XYZ ]

This is the number of repetitions of the projection within a texture tile. The projection’s aspect ratio may also be affected. Local Repetitions set to 1 will halve two repetitions, e.g., in the U direction since two repetitions must then take place in the U direction within the texture tile.

Local Decal U
Local Decal V

If enabled, the repetitions will be restricted to the respective direction. All parts of the surface that lie outside of the texture tile will no longer be taken into consideration.

Local Mode U
Local Mode V

If the Local Decal option is enabled in the respective direction, these settings can be used to define how the repetition of the texture tiles in the U and V direction should be calculated: