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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D
Substance Asset

Basic Asset


Here you will find a lot of all Asset settings. If the settings are grouped in Substance Designer, these groups will also be assumed in the correspondingly named sub-tabs. Otherwise the settings will appear in a Basic Properties sub-tab or, if an image is loaded (i.e., where textures can be loaded), in the Image Input sub-tab.


This field contains the links to the Substance file. The link will normally be created automatically when a file is loaded using the Load Substance... command.

The link can also be defined manually.

If a new link is created with existing assigned materials, a warning will be displayed that the Substance shader uses, if at all possible (same type), the new asset’s output channels (i.e., the material will change).


Use this setting to freeze the respective asset with its current settings. Details can be found here.


Substance Loaded should always be displayed here. If a different status is displayed, it means that Cinema 4D cannot find the respective Substance file. It must be re-linked.

Disable Legacy

This option will only be available if an older file is loaded that was created with the Allegorithmic plugin. Older files were faulty with regard to gamma values (which was only irritating if the final result didn’t look good). These bugs have been fixed in the meantime but this option is still available so identical results can be ensured for older files. If this option is disabled, the same results as for older versions will be produced. If this option is enabled, the results will be identical to those of the current Cinema 4D version.

Other Settings

All other settings in the Attribute Manager come from the respective asset and are not described here.