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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D
Bevel Deformer

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Special bevels require special settings. This also applies to Mitering. Mitering points are one of the most difficult aspects for beveling. These settings are designed to help solve these problems. What is mitering in Cinema 4D? If you select a continuous edge (Mitering can only be used in Use Edge mode) that runs along multiple polygons, a mitering is a common point of two selected edges at which 3 or more polygons meet.

If such an edge is beveled, various methods can be used to dissolve a corner point: see Mitering.

Note that the Uniform mode is the only mode that does not create N-gons on surrounding polygons.


If the selected edge to be beveled meets an edge that should not be beveled, these options define how the transition from rounded to non-rounded edges should take place.


The transition occurs along the unbeveled edge(s) (independent of the Offset setting).


If this option is selected, the transition will take place exactly along the entire length of the original, non-rounded edge(s).


If this option is selected, an abrupt transition will be created with a hard edge. Non-beveled edges will remain unchanged.

An example can be seen under Ending.

Partial Rounding

This setting’s options are only used for the special circumstance when beveling 3 selected (and 2 unselected) and neighboring edges that meet at a point. The edge that lies at the ,tip’ will be affected as follows (see explanatory imager under Partial Rounding):

Corner N-gons
Rounding N-gons

Use these options to define if normal polygons (disabled) or N-gons (enabled) should be added to the newly generated geometry.

For corners, the nicely shaped rounded mesh is replaced by a somewhat irregularly shaped N-gon. In most cases, the creation of N-gons should be avoided.

An example image can be found under Corner N-gons.

Phong Break Rounding
Phong Break Miters

Using these options, Phong shading can be broken along newly created outer edges (Phong Break Rounding) or at the Miter points (Phong Break Miters).

An example image can be found under Phong Break Rounding.

Make sure that the Use Edge Breaks option is enabled in the Phong tag so the effects can be seen.