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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D

Collision Deformer

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Collision Deformer

Use this Deformer to emulate interaction between objects by deforming the mesh physically interacting with another defined object. Think of it as a soft surface being pushed or pulled when it collides with another surface.

This is a great way to make objects react to collisions, or to simply simulate soft areas being squeezed (for example, a character leaning over a table would have his fat belly deform when it collides with the table - or a character stepping on a soft ground would depress the surface under his feet).

To use the Collision Deformer, simply add it as a child of the object you wish to deform. Then define the objects it needs to collide with in the Objects list found in the Colliders tab. Once done, the object affected by the deformer will be pushed or pulled whenever it comes in contact with the other object.

The Collision Deformer can also be used to simulate snow prints. Here, the sphere left its print in the ground, where it travelled along.

When working with rigged characters, the Collision Deformer needs to be placed below the Skin in the hierarchy, so its deformations can be calculated after the skin deformations.

Keep also in mind that colliders will work much better if they have volume, so make sure even ground planes have a slight volume if they are the objects colliding with your deformed object.

A Jiggle deformer can also be added to simulate fluid-like deformations (the deformation will sort of expand and ripple through the geometry). To use the Jiggle Deformer in combination, make sure it is placed above the Collision Deformer.