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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D
Correction Deformer

Basic Coord. Object

Object Properties


Locks the state of the deformer and prevents points from being changed.


Enabling this option will rescale any points moved out of its initial state, so it follows the proportion of the deformed object. For example, if you apply the deformer to a plane primitive and move some of its points on the Y axis, changing the Width and Height parameters of the plane will increase the height of the moved points proportionally on the Y axis.


Choose which calculation method is used to create the structure of the Correction Deformer.


Uses the object's UVs to map the Correction deformer points when the deformed object changes. This requires continuous, non-overlapping UVs for best results. If they are not continuous, correctional changes might give unexpected results. This mapping mode is the preferred solution whenever possible, as it is both faster and more accurate when the deformed object has a significant change in point count and shape.


This mode assumes the shape and polygon count of the deformed object does not change much, so it is best to use it if you are only doing incremental changes on the deformed object. Overall, it should work pretty nicely, but at times when significantly changing the polygon count and shape of the deformed object, this mode might not update the correction deformer points properly.


Works similarly than the Nearest mode but here it projects the Correction Deformer along the Normals when internally evaluating the mesh it's deforming. Again, it might also give some unexpected results if the polygon count and shape of the deformed object change significantly. It might give better results in some cases too, it all depends on what you do, and on what kind of mesh.

UV Tag

Drag the UV tag to be used for the Correction Deformer UV mapping projections.

Strength [-∞..+∞%]

Controls the influence of the Correction Deformer over the object it is affecting.


Updates the polygon/point count of the deformer if it has changed on the base object. Some neat tricks can be done using this option, as you could have several correction deformers affecting your object, and updating only a select few as you subdivide the mesh to get various degrees of control over the details. That way, some deformers could drag a whole range of points and act as a low polygon cage, and more subdivided deformers can be used to tweak details.

Note that when using several deformers with different subdivision levels, it is recommended to place higher subdivided deformers below lower subdivided ones.


Updates the polygon/point count and their positions, and freezes the state of the deformer by taking into consideration its strength and/or any falloff applied to it.


Resets any modification made to the point positions of the deformer. This does not change the point count of the deformer.