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Function available in CINEMA 4D Studio
Morph Deformer

Basic Coord. Object

Object Properties

Defines the deformer's strength within its region of influence.

Drag & drop the desired morph tag into this link field. You'll then see a list of morph targets appear. These are the same targets that are stored in the morph tag. Here you can control which morph targets affect the mesh via the morph deformer. You can also animate the values in this list.

Apply Base Pose

If this option is disabled, multiple Morph Deformers (e.g., with varying exceptions) with identical Pose Morph tags can be used to affect an object.

If an older scene is loaded, this option will be enabled to restore the behavior of previous releases (only 1 Deformer can be applied).


Here you will find all of the corresponding Pose Morph tag’s poses, including Strength sliders. These settings correspond to those in the tag (or other Morph Deformers that belong to the same tag).