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Morph Deformer

Basic Coord. Object

Morph Deformer

This deformer allows you to blend in morph targets that are within the deformer's region of influence.

To use the morph deformer, you assign it to the object that is to be deformed. As with all regular deformers, you assign it either by making it a child of the desired object or by placing it on the same hierarchy level within a group.

The morph deformer is useful for effects such as when you want morph targets to blend in gradually over time, such as starting on the left side of a character and proceeding to the right. Simply animate the deformer's position.

You can also use morph deformers to help create morph targets. This is made possible using the morph tag's Freeze State command, which converts the character's current state (including the effect of the morph deformer) into a morph target. When using this command, make sure that you've switched off the effects of other deformers, such as the skin object. Otherwise, the effects of these other deformers will also be included in the morph target that is created.