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Basic Coord. Object Dynamics Falloff


This tab is dedicated to dynamic controls for the Muscle object. This controls is a simple jiggle effect, based on the Jiggle deformer options.


Use this option to enable or disable Dynamics for the selected Muscle object.

On Frame

Use this option to define if you want the dynamics to stop on the exact frame your timeline is stopped or if you would like to calculate the dynamics on each refresh. You need to disable this option if you wish to use Auto Redraw... to see the effects of the dynamics once the timeline has stopped after your scrubbed through it.

Strength [0..+∞%]

Use this parameter to control the amount of influence the dynamics have on the muscle. This is extremely useful if you wish to dampen the effect when you animate a sudden, strong movement that would cause the muscle to overly jiggle, for example.

Stiffness [0..100%]

Use this option to define how quickly the muscle should return to its state of rest. Higher values will cause this to happen quicker.

Structure [0..100%]

Use this option to control how much non-uniform stretching (Polygons fold together) each polygon is allowed to have. The lower the value, the more prone to non-uniform deformation the muscle will be.

Volume Stiffness [0..100%]

Use this option to define how many volumes should be preserved. The higher the value, the less likely it will be that the muscle will collapse on itself when animated.

Drag [0..100%]

Use this parameter to define how much energy is lost when the jiggle effect affects the muscle. Higher values will tend to slow the jiggle effect and produce fewer rebounds since the muscle will lose much of its energy faster. Keep in mind that even if Drag is set to 0%, the dynamics will still come to a rest.


This spline controls the amount of stiffness along the muscle. By default, stiffness is applied in full on the whole shape, but you can restrict it to specific parts of the muscle shape using this Spline Graph.


Use this section to use external forces to impact your muscle.

Gravity [-∞..+∞m]

You can define a specific gravity using this parameter. Real world gravity is -9.81m/s^2 (hence, use the value -9.81 if you work in meters (s. Project Scale)), which you can use here, but feel free to use whatever fits your needs.


Here you can use CINEMAD 4D particle system modifiers to affect secondary motions of the muscle. Just Drag & drop the modifier in the list.