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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D
Cone Object

Basic Coord. Object Caps Slice

Object Properties

Top Radius [0..+∞m]
Bottom Radius [0..+∞m]

These values define the cone’s top radius and bottom radius The top radius is set to 0 by default, i.e., the top of the cone ends in a single point (see illustration, left). If this value is set higher than zero, a truncated cone is formed (center). If the top radius is equal to the bottom radius, you get a cylinder (right).

Height [0..+∞m]

This value defines the overall height of the cone.

Height Segments [1..1000]

Defines the number of subdivisions of the object in the lengthwise direction.

Rotation Segments [3..1000]

Defines the number of subdivisions of the object along the circumference of its cross-section. The greater this value, the smoother the cone appears.

From left to right: cone with Rotation Segments set to a low value (left), medium value (center) and high value (right).


Choose a value from this drop-down list to set the object’s initial orientation in space. This gives you a quick way to turn the object on its axis.