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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D

Basic Coord. Object

Object Properties


Drag the top-most Child object of a hierarchy into this field if the entire hierarchy should be connected.


Activate this option if the sub-points of objects to be connected should be welded together.

Tolerance [0..+∞m]

If the Weld option is activated, this setting will define how far apart object points can lie to be welded. Do not set this distance too large. Otherwise not the points of different objects to be welded will be affected but the objects’ own points can be welded as well, which can lead to phong shading errors.

Phong Mode

Since each object can have its own phong settings, the method of smoothing for the phong shading must be defined. The following settings are available:


Assigns the Connect Object a Phong tag containing the current phong settings.


An average of the Connect Object’s Angle Limit parameter will be applied.


The Connect Object’s lowest Angle Limit value will be applied.


The Connect Object’s highest Angle Limit value will be applied.

As Breaks

Broken phong edges (edges) that were broken using the As Breaks command will be accounted for.


Activate this option if the textures of the objects to be connected should also used for the Connect Object itself. Leave this option deactivated if you would rather texture the Connect Object yourself (i.e. apply the texture to the Connect Object).

Center Axis

If active, the newly connected object’s object axis will be moved to the center of the formerly separate object and the newly connected object will be moved to the Connect Object’s position.