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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D
Doodle Object

Basic Coord. Object Options


New Frame

Creates a new (empty) frame or key. This process can be automated by activating the Doodle Paint tool’s Auto-Add Frames option in the Attribute Manager. Each time you move to a different frame a new Doodle image will be generated.

Delete Frame

Deletes the current Doodle frame (i.e. the Doodle Key in which it is saved.

Clear Frame

Deletes the Doodle Key’s contents and not the Doodle Key itself.

Set Viewport

Since a Doodle object can only be used for a single Viewport (as soon as you draw in a different Viewport a new Doodle object will be created), this command can be used to fix the Doodle tool to a specific view. Previously made doodles can then be moved to other views. If, for example, you doodled in the Top Viewport and want to move this Doodle to the Perspective viewport, simply activate the Perspective Viewport, select the Doodle Object: Top in the Object Manager and click on its Set Viewport option in the Attribute Manager.

Load Bitmap

Loads a bitmap into the Viewport. The bitmap will be scaled to fit the Viewport and all alpha channels in the bitmap will be taken into account.

Remove Unused

Removes unused Doodles (those not assigned to a Doodle Key) from the cache. Doodles are saved to the cache when they are deleted. These Doodles are deleted automatically when the scene is saved.


Lets you independently save or import Doodles as XML files, including any tex sub-directories. This is useful if you want to edit Doodles in Photoshop, for example. To import the Doodle, select the corresponding XML file.

Export Format

You can select between TIFF (uncompressed) and PNG (compressed) when exporting doodles as individual image files via the Export command.

If enabled, the doodles will be saved (internally) within the scene as a compressed PNG file if the Save Compressed option is enabled.

Size X [100..4096]
Size Y [100..4096]

These values represent the internal size of the bitmap that will be used to record the Doodles. Using large bitmaps is not recommended since the playback speed in the Viewport can be negatively affected. The bitmaps should be scaled manually to an appropriate size. This size cannot be changed.

Ghost Previous
Ghost Next

Activate either or both of these options to make a "ghost" of the sketch prior to and/or following the current sketch visible (with reduced transparency).

Draw Smoothly

If you are using a low Doodle resolution (Size X/Y) the Doodles can look pixelated when scaled up. Activate this option to minimize this pixelation.

Save Compressed

See Export Format selection menu.