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Function available in CINEMA 4D Broadcast, Studio
Python Effector

Basic Coord. Effector Parameter Deformer Falloff


Strength [-∞..+∞%]

Use this setting to adjust the overall strength of the effect. Values of less than 0% and greater than 100% can be entered.


At left a Step Effector without a selection, at right with a selection.

A MoGraph Selection or MoGraph Weightmap tag can be dragged into this field or placed automatically by selecting a Cloner Object and an existing MoGraph selection/weighting, and creating an Effector.

The Effector will then work as follows, depending on the tag’s settings:


Minimum [-∞..+∞%]
Maximum [-∞..+∞%]

Use these settings to increase or decrease internal range values.

Note also the Remapping settings for the Layers in the Field list. Use this Field functionality as your preferred method since it’s more powerful and easier to understand in combination with other Layers.

Reset on Frame 0

Enabling this option will set the script back to animation frame 0, i.e., all variables, etc. will be reset to their original state.


Here you can define how far-reaching the control of the Python Effector should be.

Parameter Control

In this mode, only the Effector settings are controlled (e.g., Position, Scale, Weight Transform, etc.). The given parameter can simply be dragged into the Code field in the Expression Editor. The corresponding ID will then be set:

Full Control

This option gives you complete control over the Clones. You can, for example, position Clones wherever you want, you can add or delete Clones or modify any value, etc. In most cases, this option is faster than the Parameter Control mode.


Enter your Python code here. Details can be found at or in the Python SDK documentation.

Open Python Editor

Clicking on this button opens the Expression Editor, which is somewhat more comfortable than using the Code field. Both fields are linked. Hence, it does not matter where you modify the code, it will automatically be modified in the other field.