Reference Cinema 4D Advanced Features MoGraph Effectors
Function available in CINEMA 4D Broadcast, Studio


Basic Coord. Effector Parameter Deformer Falloff


Note also the Random Field, which works similarly within the Field functionality.
Left, the initial state of the clones; right, the Random Effector was applied (position and angle were randomly modified).

Computer graphics can easily be recognized as such by its often all-to-uniform look. The Random Effector’s job is to give your clones an irregular arrangement / look. This Effector’s abilities are not limited to just position, rotation or size but can also modify color, weighting and more. Weighting in particular can help in achieving interesting effects when the Random Effector is used to simultaneously control other Effectors (or inversely). See also Weight Transform).

A Random Effector with Radom Mode set to Turbulence. Additionally, a Step Effector (that only effects the weighting) is used to make sure that the randomness is minimized at the center of the cluster.