Cinema 4D Advanced Features MoGraph Effectors ReEffector
Function available in CINEMA 4D Broadcast, Studio

Basic Coord. Effector Parameter Deformer Falloff


Strength [-∞..+∞%]

The Strength value is a measure of the Effector’s overall strength. As with other Strength values, this can also be set to less than 0% or greater than 100%.


At left a Step Effector without a selection, at right with a selection.

A MoGraph Selection or MoGraph Weightmap tag can be dragged into this field or placed automatically by selecting a Cloner Object and an existing MoGraph selection/weighting, and creating an Effector.

The Effector will then work as follows, depending on the tag’s settings:


Drag all Effectors into this list that should be unified or grouped in the ReEffector. This list works exactly like the Effector list in the clone-generating object (e.g., Cloner or Shatter object). However, the ReEffector can also define exactly which effect should be applied using the Parameter tab settings.

See also Effectors.