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Function available in CINEMA 4D Broadcast, Studio


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The ReEffector is a type of Group Effector with additional functions. It can, for example, be used to partially (e.g., the movement along the Y axis, etc.) or completely cancel the effect of other Effectors (using its falloff functionality). It can itself contain any number of other Effectors whose effect it can also control entirely or partially.

The ReEffector can cancel the effect of other Effectors.

In the image above, a Formula Effector was used to modify the Y position and Y scaling of a linearly cloned cube to create the sinus curve. In the middle, a ReEffector with a linear falloff cancels the Y scaling. At the bottom, an Effector is used to cancel the Y movement on the left.

The ReEffector will work differently, depending on where it’s positioned in the clone generating object’s Effector list. It will cancel the effect (of activated ReEffector settings) of Effectors above it in the list. If it’s at the end of the list, the effect of all previous Effectors will be cancelled in accordance with its settings. If it’s positioned between Effectors, it will only cancel the effect of the Effector above it and Effectors below it will work normally.

Otherwise all Effectors listed in the ReEffector will work normally and in the order in which they are listed, if they are not prevented from doing so by the ReEffector. You can use the ReEffector to let an entire cascade of Effectors do their work without having to fill the clone-generating object’s Effector list. The effect of numerous Effectors can also be quickly transferred to other Generators without having to laboriously link individual Effectors.

If, for example, you have an extensive Effector setup in a ReEffector and also have an extensive - but different - setup in another ReEffector you can easily switch back-and-forth between the two completely different states.

The ReEffector can be used as a Deformer. In this case, note also the order of the ReEffector in comparison to the other Effectors. If used as a Deformer, the other Effectors listed in the ReEffector can have their own hierarchical order - only the ReEffector needs to lie in the correct position in the hierarchy (as a Child object of or in the same hierarchy as the object to be deformed) when it’s used as a Deformer.