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Hair Object

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Seed [0..2147483647]

This setting defines the random distribution of guide / hair roots. Other values will result in a different distribution of roots. This value is always then used when random values have to be ascertained. Other values will result in different random values.

Redistribute Loops [1..10000]

When new guides are grown (Guides tab), Hair checks (internally) if the conditions set in the Growth menu are met (e.g., minimum distance apart). By default, twenty passes are made in an effort to meet the conditions defined. If the conditions cannot be met within the defined number of passes, no more passes will be made. Use this setting to define the number of passes that should be made.

Strength [0..100%]

Cinema 4D Deformation objects (main menu: Create / Deformer) can also be used to affect rendered hair (not guides!). The Deformation object must be a child of the Hair object. Activate the Deformers setting and adjust the strength of its effect using the Strength slider.

Only Deformation objects that can be practically applied to hair, such as Bend, Twist, Bulge, etc. will work.

UV Tag

A texture placed in the Hair material or Hair object can be used to define how corresponding settings should affect hair on the surface of a hair-covered polygonal object. To do this, the texture must be projected, which is always done per UV mapping. If a given object contains several UVW Tags, the UVW tag responsible for texture projection can be placed into this UV Tag field. If no tag has been placed into this field, the first UVW tag of the hair-covered surface will be used.