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Hair Object

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Basic Properties

You should already be familiar with these settings from Cinema 4D ( see Objects ).


Here you can enter a name for the object.


If an element was assigned to a layer its layer color will be displayed here. This field reflects the layer color in the Layer Palette. You can drag & drop layers from the Layer Manager or similar layer fields onto this field. You can also assign layers or remove elements from current layers using the menus located behind the small triangle.

Visible in Editor

Controls whether the selected objects are visible or invisible in the viewport.

Visible in Renderer

Controls whether the selected objects are visible or invisible in the renderer.

Use Color

Determines whether the selected objects use their display color. Off switches off the display color so that material colors are used instead. Automatic means the display color is only used if the object has no materials. On means the display color is always used, even if the object has materials.

If an object is assigned to a layer, selecting Layer will color the primitive using the color of that layer (see Layer Manager).

Display Color

Defines the display color. Click the color box to access the system color chooser or click the small triangle to access Cinema 4D’s color chooser. Choose the desired color.


Switches generators, deformers and primitives on or off. Disabled objects are not visible in the viewport.


What’s new and interesting in Hair, though, is the Priority setting.

Use this setting to define the refresh rate of the Hair object (see also Cinema 4D Tags).

The following will be refreshed:

The following rules apply:

If you arrange guides on other guides (activate the Hair object and subsequently select Add Hair), a second Hair object will be created. Having done this, it is now very important that the correct sequence is selected using the Priority setting. The guides rooted on the hair-covered object must be calculated before the guides that were subsequently created and attached to the guides already rooted on the object.

Tip 2:
If you want the HAIR Object to affect an object which is in turn affected by Cloth the guides may subsequently no longer be visible. If this happens simply switch Priority to Generators 101.