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Hair Object

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Hair Object

Guides and Hair

To begin with, something you should always keep in mind: Guides are not hair. Where guides are present hair must not necessarily grow. Nevertheless, hair can grow where no guides are present.

In which areas hair roots can be placed is determined primarily by these three factors:

Hair will grow from the hair roots planted using the above-mentioned methods. The direction in which the hair will grow, as well as its length, will be determined primarily by the guides (of course the hair can also be influenced using the Hair material, but we will get to that later).

You can define exactly where guides should grow in the Guides tab. Basically, hair will be interpolated between existing guides, wherever they are placed. Hence, it makes sense to plant guides where the hair should grow (this will, though, occur automatically if you select an object and subsequently select Add Hair).

Guides roughly indicate how the hair lies, i.e., how the hairstyle looks. The density of the guides does not at all reflect the density of the hair!:

Hair is interpolated between guides.

Guides can be manipulated using the numerous Hair tools.

How each individual hair is rendered (frizz, bend, kink, etc.) is determined by the rough placement of the guides, as well as the numerous channels available in the Hair material.

Guides are also essential for hair dynamics: Hair dynamics moves the guides, between which the hair is interpolated (dynamics can also be made to affect individual hairs but this would require considerable processing power).

Unrooted Guides

Guides will basically follow any movement the object makes, onto which they are rooted . Nevertheless, guides can still be unrooted (uprooted):

Unrooted guides will be depicted with a green circle around the root. Unrooted guides have the following properties: