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Basic Coord. Object Shape


The Feather object is a special Hair object that is specially designed for creating bird feathers. Follow these steps to create your own bird feathers:

  1. Create one or more splines that will define the rachis.

  2. Select the Feather object and make a spline a child of the Feather object.

  3. The width and shape of the feather is adjusted using Barb Length in the Spacing drop-down menu.

  4. You will see a special projection type, specifically for Feather objects, in the Hair Material Tag’s Hair UVs menu. With this projection type you can apply a texture (the first Texture field in the material’s Color channel) across the entire surface of a feather.

  5. If you now copy this spline and create the rachis using a Sweep object, the result will be similar to the one below:

    Gaps were added intermittently.

Internally, the Feather object is also merely a special Hair object that can be influenced by feather-specific settings. You can convert a Feather object to a normal Hair object at any time (Make Object Editable or press the c-key). This will, though, convert each hair to a guide.

A tip if you want to experiment with the Feather object: The Hair material’s numerous channels can also be used influence the hair of the feather(s).