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Basic Coord. Asset


Assets loaded in Cinema 4D will appear as two or more elements consisting of:

Both generators are implemented in Cinema 4D as the same object type. Therefore, both are summarized together in the help description.

Asset Generator

The Asset Generator initially controls the subordinate Output Generators. All parameters that you defined for a given Asset in Houdini will be listed in the Asset tab and can be edited and animated.

Asset and Output Generators are linked, which means that the subordinate Output Generators can be removed from a given hierarchy and placed elsewhere while remaining linked to the Asset Generator. An Asset Generator’s Output Generators can be restored anytime even if they were deleted (Update Generators) button.

The Asset Generator’s icon will change color accordingly:

Input Object

Depending on the Asset’s design, it may be necessary to link an Input object in the Asset tab’s Input sub-tab.

This is most often a polygon mesh but can also be a different element. It doesn’t matter if it is created using a polygon object, a primitive or a Generator object (e.g., an Extrude object).

Output Generator

Any number of Output Generators can belong to an Asset Generator. This is primarily defined in Houdini but Output Generators can easily be duplicated in Cinema 4D. If an Output Generator’s Asset Generator is deleted it can also be restored (Update Asset button).

The following Output Generators are available:

Output generators now offer a series of visible tags (which were also available before but were hidden). These tags cannot be modified, copied or deleted and are mareked with an "h" in the Object Manager to show that they are controlled by the Houdini Asset. These tags can be used normally (e.g., a Polygon Selection tag can be linked with a Material tag to restrict the material to a selection) but cannot be modified.