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The LOD object can affect the depiction of objects in accordance with various criteria (e.g., camera distance). This can, for example, be the depiction as a bounding box or with most polygons hidden. Simpler objects can also be substituted for more complex objects. Several options are available.

Scenes can be very complex with regard to the number of objects and detail. It’s very rare that a camera will be able to depict all of a scene’s details, either because they are simply not within the field of view or the objects are so far away that the details can’t be seen. The LOD object can be used to display objects that meet certain requirements only be displayed or rendered in reduced quality.

Generally speaking, the LOD object can help speed up workflow, whether it’s in the Viewport or for rendering. Or an overloaded scene can simply be made more manageable. The LOD object offers numerous options that are described in this section.


If an object should be affected by an LOD object, it should be mad a Child object of that LOD object. If, for example, objects that are cloned by the Cloner object should adhere to the LOD object’s settings, make the Cloner object a Child object of the LOD object. The current LOD level for the selected LOD object will be displayed in the Viewport (if it was defined as the render view) HUD.

The global LOD function (Level of Detail) can be implemented independently of the LOD object.

The LOD settings only affect the display in the Viewport by default. Rendering always takes place in full detail. This can, however, be changed to render a reduced version of the scene.

Note that most of the Object tab’s settings are not supported by the Take System (i.e., can’t be overwritten in Takes).

Tip 2.:
Workflow is not sped up in all cases: The substitution or omission of objects can also take time. Depending on the scene and the hardware being used, LOD can also produce a slower workflow.