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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D

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These function the same as the settings described for the Shading Effector’s Shading tab. So don’t be surprised if you see Cloners and Effectors mentioned in the following!

The exception: A Texture tag assigned to the object to be deformed (or the Displace Deformer itself) can be used to affect the object, as long as Channel is not set to Custom Shader.


There are basically two methods of projecting a texture onto a clone group (using the Shader Effector) or object points (using the Displace Object to move the object points):

Select a material channel. An additional Texture tag field will be displayed. Drag any texture into this field from the Object Manager. The texture will now be applied by the corresponding material’s selected Material Channel.


Clicking on this button will make the settings of the corresponding shader available in the Attributes Manager.

Texture Tag

If a material channel is selected, this field will be made available, into which you can place a Texture tag.

If you select Custom as your shader mode a texture selection menu will be made available.

Select a bitmap or Shader for the Effector to use. Using the Texture tag method is recommended because it offers better results and can be used in conjunction with the texture tools (see also Texture) to adjust the texture coordinates interactively.


OffsetU [-∞..+∞]

If Custom is selected as the shader type, several parameters will be made available that can be used to move (Offset) or scale (Length) the texture within the UV coordinates. For Noise Shaders UV (2D) should be selected in the Space setting.

OffsetV [-∞..+∞]

LengthU [-∞..+∞%]

LengthV [-∞..+∞%]


Use this setting to define whether or not the texture should be tiled.



Use this setting to define how the Shader Effector will interpret colors that have been extracted for a Cloner Object.

The alpha mode does not work in conjunction with the Layer Shader.


Use this setting to invert the alpha channel and its effect.