Cinema 4D Advanced Features MoGraph Additional Objects MoExtrude
Function available in CINEMA 4D Broadcast, Studio
Motion Graphics Extrude Deformer

Basic Coord. Object Transform Effectors


Use the settings in this tab to define how each clone, i.e., each extrusion, will differ in position, scale or rotation.

Don’t forget that these settings will be limited in their effectiveness if using an extrusion spline since the spline will control the extrusions.

P [XYZ m]

Use these settings to move, scale or rotate each clone using its own coordinate system. These settings can be used to define simple animations for the clones that affect each clone in the same manner. If, for example, all clones should rotate around their Y axis simply animate W.H.

You will have much more control if you use Effectors. Thesw affect each clone individually to varying degrees.

S [XYZ ]

R [HPB °]