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Function available in CINEMA 4D Broadcast, Studio
Matrix Object

Basic Coord. Object Transform Effectors



Place all Effectors into this field that should affect the Cloner. Effectors can be added to this field by:

Clicking on the checkmark will deactivate the Effector, clicking on the red x will again activate the Effector. This can also be done in the Object Manager. (the effect of the Effector will be applied globally).

Each Effector has a corresponding slider below the Effectors field, with which the Effector’s strength can be adjusted. This value will be multiplied with the Effector’s Strength setting.

Arranging the Effectors in different sequences (top to bottom) in the Effectors field will lead to different results. For example, if a Random Effector and a Spline Effector are placed into this field: If the Spline Effector is executed before the Random Effector, all clones will not be able to be arranged onto the spline, which would be the case if the Random Effector were executed first.

Also important is the sequence in which Effectors with weighting transformations are executed, i.e., if Effector 3 should use Effector 2’s weighting, Effector 3 should be placed after Effector 2 in the list.

The sequence of Effectors can be modified simply by dragging them to their desired positions.

Note that you can outsource the complete functionality of this Effector list to the ReEffector. In this case, only the ReEffector is in the list. Effectors can also be neutralized if the ReEffector is arranged in the right location. More information can be found in the aforementioned link.