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Function available in CINEMA 4D Broadcast, Studio


Basic Coord. Object Transform Effectors Falloff


2 * Cube Object, 2 * Sweep Object and 1 Torus Object (once on polygon level, once on spline level) are fragmented using a PolyFX object. How finely an object is fragmented depends on the subdivision of the respective object.

The PolyFX object can be viewed as a Deformation object that considers each polygon of a given object or each segment of a given Spline to be a Clone, thus allowing any MoGraph Effector to affect them accordingly.

Proceed as follows if you want to use a PolyFX object:

The following applies to polygons: By default, polygons are moved, rotated and scaled using the polygon coordinate system . Note that the polygon Z axis runs in the direction of the surface Normals.