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Polygon Selections

Here, the Generator tag was placed in the Texture tag’s Selection field. R1 could have also just as well been placed there (see below).

It would be practical if materials can be assigned separately to the shell, caps surfaces and bevel surfaces. This can be done in one of two ways:

This will restrict the material to the selected region(s).

The Generator tags that are created (these will be marked accordingly on the icon) cannot be deleted directly or copied but can be dragged into the respective fields. When the generator is converted, all Selection tags will be created.

Edge selections (as a tag or abbreviation) can, for example, be used in the Bevel Deformer (Selection). These edges may be beveled again separately.


The shell is made up of the object surfaces without bevel or caps surfaces.

Start Cap
End Cap

The caps surfaces are made up of the flat end surfaces.

For these and the following settings, Start and End values will be applied. Caps/bevel surfaces can be created at the beginning and/or end of the object generated by the splines. This is why the following settings have Start and End values, e.g., so they can be assigned separate materials.

Start Bevel
End Bevel

Bevel surfaces are surfaces that make up the transition between the shell and the caps surfaces. If there is no bevel (Size=0) no surfaces will be created.

Start Shell
End Shell

These edge selections are made up of the edges between the shell and the bevel surfaces.

Start Cap
End Cap

These edge selections are made up of the edges between the bevel surfaces and the caps surfaces.

Start Step
End Step

These two options are only available if Bevel Shape is set to Step. The following edges will then be saved separately as Edge Selection tags for the Start and End Caps:

Saved edges if Step is set to 2.